3 piece crossmember
Easy-bolt frame with web and flange cuts
Transit map

Continuous length blank truck frames

Easy-bolt frame with web and flange cuts

Is your truck frame rusting away?

Are your flanges spreading from rust?

How long will it take to get your truck frames?

3 Piece Crossmember

We can fabricate a new section of truck frame to abut your existing to the new desired length. Better yet, instead of splicing, consider having us fabricate a continuous, full length truck frame--any length you need up to 48 feet. Request a quote. **Please be sure that you have engineered any truck frame modification before beginning your project.**

My truck is too Short

I have an out of production truck frame

If your truck is no longer in production, you may not be able to get frame rails from the OEM. We can duplicate your existing truck frames, and even make modifications to them if you require a longer wheelbase or are changing suspensions. Find out more about truck frame duplication here. **Please be sure that you have engineered any truck frame modification before beginning your project.**

My truck frame is cracked

If you have a cracked, unsafe frame rail, we can fabricate replacement truck frames for you. These replacements can be blank truck frames or complete with all the holes per your original frames.

I'm changing my truck body and my truck needs to be stronger

We can fabricate inner and outer reinforcement truck frames in varying thicknesses to help you meet the RBM needs of your particular application. Read more about our steel. NOTE: All design, engineering, material selection and final use of the fabricated product(s) are the responsibility of the customer.

My truck frame is badly rusted

Rusty truck frames can become very unsafe. We can fabricate new truck frames and even inner or outer reinforcement frames to help get your truck back in shape. Looking to eliminate rust between double truck frames? We might be able to help by offering 1/2" thick steel in our Grade 100 material for a strong, single frame solution. Request a quote.

I can't get my truck frames fast enough

If you do not want to wait weeks or months to get your truck frames from another source, consider having us fabricate blank truck frames. With our 24 hour turnaround on fabrication and convenient shipping, we can get your truck frames to you in a matter of days.

Better yet, save on shop time by having us fabricate your frames with all the holes. Our turnaround for easy-bolt truck frames with holes is only 14-22 business days. See our transit map for more details.

I can't afford new truck frames

We can fabricate new truck frames (blank or easy-bolt truck frames with holes) for hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars less than other sources.

I'm building a custom truck

Whether you're building a custom show truck or a custom workhorse, we can fabricate truck frames for your one-of-a-kind project with a little help from you.


Real life example: Our customer was building a truck like no other. He shipped us the front truck frame section from one kind of truck, the rear truck frame section from another kind of truck, and a paper template of what he wanted the finished product to look like. We then fabricated his brand new truck frames with the combined hole patterns.


We can also fabricate crossmembers!

**We do not have any affiliation with any OEMs and do not have access to any of their specifications for truck frames or any other components.


**All design, engineering, material selection, and final use of the fabricated product(s) are the responsibility of the customer.

If you're looking for fasteners, welding rod, or other products to help with your frame project find some helpful hints here!

Our truck frames are fabricated in the USA, on American made equipment!

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