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3 Piece Style Crossmember

3 piece crossmember unit shown bolted together

Similar to a "Peterbilt" crossmember, the 3 piece crossmember unit consists of (1) center channel and (2) fabricated end brackets for connection to your frame rails.


This crossmember includes bolt holes for assembling the unit and for connection to your frames, but does NOT include any bolts.


While this crossmember has slotted holes and can be adjusted slightly, it still must be fabricated to the specifications of your particular frame to ensure a proper fit. Please note: this is not considered an adjustable crossmember.


When ordering, please specify material thickness, inside to inside dimension between your truck frames where the new crossemember will be located, and quantity.


**As with all of our truck frames and crossmembers, all design, engineering, material selection, and final use of the fabricated product(s) are the responsibility of the customer.


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