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We maintain a continuous inventory of hi-tensile steel to ensure fast fulfillment of your order*. We offer hi-tensile steel in four thicknesses (1/4", 5/16", 3/8", and 1/2") to help you match factory strength and to achieve the RBM for your truck and its custom application. 

*Does not apply to large orders or easy-bolt frames.


The steel we use is produced for applications where high strength, along with formability, weldability, toughness and fatigue resistance are required.


The steel we use is an "as-rolled" material and is NOT heat treated. "As-rolled" steel is produced to the desired tensile strength at the mill with a controlled process that prevents distortions from occurring. This material is fully weldable (with proper welding procedures) and drill-able. We are happy to provide mill certification for any of the frames we fabricate for you.


For comparison, A36 material (which other suppliers may use for truck frame production) has 36,000 PSI minimum yield  See the comparison below.


Heat treated frames (often used by OEMs) start with low strength alloy steel as "green stock", are formed, then heat treated to bring them up to the desired tensile strength. 

Don't compromise the strength and durability of your truck. Get the RIGHT steel!

There are many grades of steel in the marketplace. Our truck frames are fabricated strictly from hi-tensile steel.



It is important to choose the right grade to achieve the proper RBM for your truck. We can assist in calculating the RBM of your truck frame(s).




Yield strength chart
Pile of hi-tensile steel for truck frame fabriction



Yield Strength:  is the maximum stress that the material will sustain without permanent distortion.


Tensile Stregth:  is the maximum stress before failure by separating.


PSI: pounds per square inch.


RBM:  is the resisting bending moment and is the product of the section modulus and yield strength. It is the measure of the capability of the frame rail.  RBM= Section modulus x yield strength.


Section Modulus: defines the shape of the frame.


Truck frame fabricated from hi-tensile steel

Our truck frames are fabricated in the USA, on American made equipment!

If you're looking for fasteners, welding rod, or other products to help with your frame project find some helpful hints here!

**We do not have any affiliation with any OEMs and do not have access to any of their specifications for truck frames or any other components.


**All design, engineering, material selection, and final use of the fabricated product(s) are the responsibility of the customer.

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