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AFFORDABLE: Save hundreds of dollars compared to manufacturer pricing by having us provide ready to install, easy-bolt truck frames.


ACCURATE: We guarantee accuracy on every truck frame we ship. If you buy your frames from the manufacturer, they may not accurately fit your truck because it may have been modified at some point in its life.


FAST: Easy-bolt truck frames with holes are fabricated within a matter of weeks compared to many months for frames from other sources. Truck frames from other sources often require additional modification.

Easy-bolt truck frames are fabricated to fit your truck with all holes provided.

Easy-bolt frame with web and flange cuts

Easy-bolt frame with web and flange cuts

We make the process as 

Easy as 1-2-3

Call for an estimate.

We arrange pick up & shipping of original truck frame.

We fabricate your easy-bolt truck frame(s)!

Step 1.   Call for an estimate


Tell us approximately how many holes your truck frames have, what kind of cuts and/or tapers your frame has, what material thickness you would like, and desired finished length.


We will provide a preliminary estimate for the complete truck frame duplication. When we receive your original truck frame, we will finalize your price.



Truck with One Side Blocked Up in Customer's Shop
Step 2.  We arrange pick up & shipping of original truck frame


We arrange for the pick up and shipping of your existing truck frame. It is NOT necessary to disassemble the whole truck or to send both sides. Simply block up one side of the truck and send one side only.

We will mirror the pattern for the alternate side. You can even mark holes that are not needed on the alternate side or that can be deleted entirely.


If sending only one side, it is important that you take the time to double check that your LH (driver) and RH (passenger) sides' hole patterns are similar enough that a mirror image will work for the side you do not provide. Some customers choose to provide both sides!


If you send an original truck frame, we will quote you the cost for inbound freight AND make all the pick up arrangements so all you have to do is remove the frame sample.


An alternate option for obtaining the hole pattern is a CAD drawing from the manufacturer. This is not typically available, and there is a chance it will not be accurate if the truck has been modified at all in its lifetime. Most customers choose to provide original truck frame(s) for the sake of accuracy.

Completed Dulication of Original Truck Frame
Step 3.  We fabricate your easy-bolt truck frame(s) 


Upon receipt of your original truck frame(s), we will finalize your quote and frame design. We know your truck is like no other, so at this stage any additional alterations and customization will be incorporated into your design. The new design could involve moving a hole pattern or other job-specific changes. We can even utilize multiple patterns from different truck frames to create one new, full length custom truck frame--without splicing.


After the paperwork and payment are processed, your new truck frame(s) will ship within a matter of weeks based on our schedule.


Note: No bolts are included with our frames. See our Helpful Hints page for fastener supplier information.


Original Truck Frames From Custmer
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"I used to buy OEM frames and would typically have to spend hours of shop time drilling holes for upfit components. I recently bought frames from P.G. Adams with 200 punches per rail and only had to ream 2 holes on one rail. The frames were ready to install--an exact fit right out of the box. The labor savings to me well offset the cost of shipping my original frame to them. I had to use a hydraulic ram to remove the frame so the rail I sent was in poor condition. P.G. Adams was still able to build new duplicate frames for me. Using P.G. Adams frames, I can provide my customers faster service with decreased labor costs."

                                                                                                                                                                                                           --Kevin at Equipment Service in Hartford, CT

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