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Other Custom Crossmember Styles

After--new crossmember unit
Before--original crossmember unit

Although we have fabricated many different custom crossmember styles, there are some crossmember designs that we are unable to duplicate. However, we can likely fabricate a crossmember that would help you achieve a similar result. The best way to get started is to email us a photo or two of your existing crossmember. Simply include the material thickness as well as the dimension (inside to inside) between your truck frames (same as the overall length of your crossmember). With this information, we will then determine how we can assist you.


**As with all of our truck frames and crossmembers, all design, engineering, material selection, and final use of the fabricated product(s) are the responsibility of the customer.



Don't see the style of crossmember that you need?

We're well equipped to fabricate other custom styles for you.

Custom trunnion style crossmember
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