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3 Piece Style Crossmember

Our crossmembers are fabricated from hi-tensile steel and are the same uncompromising quality that you have come to expect from our truck frames.

We offer several common styles shown above, as well as custom styles and configurations.


If you don't see the style of crossmember that you need, we are well equipped to fabricate other custom styles for you.


Every crossmember is custom fabricated to fit your truck.


Please contact us for a quote:

Email us at 

Call us at 866.851.6478

"Mack" Style Crossmember
"C" Channel Style Crossmember
Trunnion Style Crossmember
Custom made trunnion style--BEFORE
Custom made trunnion style--AFTER

Crossmembers: the general term applied to transverse members in the understructure or on a truck frame.



5 piece syle crossmember
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