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5 Piece Style Crossmember

5 Piece crossmember unit with center channel

Similar to a "Freightliner" crossmember, the 5 piece crossmember unit consists of (1) 1/4" thick center channel and (4) 5/16" thick "L" angle end brackets for connection to your frame rails.


This crossmember includes holes for plug welding the unit together and holes in the end brackets for connection to your frames, but does NOT include any bolts.


This unit is offered with either a straight center channel, or a center channel with a clearance arch and welded flange.


This unit is offered as either 5 loose pieces, or 1 welded unit. Please note: the welded option will not be adjustable for installation.


When ordering, please specify quantity, and the inside to inside dimension between your truck frames where the new crossmember will be located.


**As with all of our truck frames and crossmembers, all design, engineering, material selection, and final use of the fabricated product(s) are the responsibility of the customer.


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