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Fasteners: Choosing the right fastener is important. This choice affects the integrity of your truck frame configuration. 


Here are a few of the many fastener supplier options:

S & S Truck Parts

Fastener SuperStore

Duncan Bolt




Welding: The steel we use is weldable. Please note: you MUST use proper welding procedures and ALL welding must be done by a certified welder. The recommended welding rod for hi-tensile truck frames is 110 18 Low Hydrogen 1/8" rod.


Here are a few of the many rod/wire supplier options:





Drilling and reaming: When drilling truck frames, use a hi-speed cobalt steel bit on a low speed. Better yet, have PG Adams provide the holes for you with our easy-bolt truck frames!


Here is one of the many drill bit and reamer supplier options:




Rust inhibitors: While there doesn't seem to be any perfect solution to prevent your truck frames from rusting, some of these suppliers may offer preventative or inhibitive measures that will help your frames last longer:






VG-104 Undercoating

Zero VOX 2K Urethane

Various primers & topcoats


Sikaflex Silicone Sealant




Associations: These associations have resources that you may find helpful. You may find joining these associations to be useful as well!


NTEA National Truck Equipment Associaton

TARA Truck Frame & Axle Repair Association

ACOFAS American Council of Frame & Alignment Specialists

Truck-Frame and Axle Repair Association
National Truck Equipment Association
American Council of Frame Alignment Specialists
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