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"Mack" Style Crossmember

The "Mack" Style crossmember is a simple unit with bent flanges at each end for connection to your side rails, and two large holes for cable/wire passthroughs. Flanges are left blank so you can drill hole pattern as needed. This crossmember can be fabricated from any of our stocked thicknesses & grades of steel and to your specific sizing needs. Simply provide us with the inside to inside dimension between your frames where the new crossmember will be located.


Some customers like to use 2 of these "Mack" Style crossmember units back to back to form an "X" shape for added strength. If you choose this option, we can provide holes in the web to bolt the two units together. Please note bolts are NOT provided.


This crossmember can provide the added benefit of easy installation without taking your frames apart.


When ordering, please specify thickness, inside to inside dimension between your frames, and quantity. The inside to inside dimension between your truck frames will be the overall length of your crossmember.


**As with all of our truck frames and crossmembers, all design, engineering, material selection, and final use of the fabricated product(s) are the responsibility of the customer.

One "Mack" style crossmember unit


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